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At Mined XAI, we prioritize a culture of:

Innovation: Our solutions give our customers insights into their organization and opportunities to implement transformational processes. We encourage our employees to have a curiosity-driven mindset to better create innovative and thoughtful solutions for our customers.

Joy: We want all employees to achieve their personal joy, whether taking classes, planning a bucket-list vacation or finding time to exercise. We are constantly vigilant to ensure our employees are maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Socially Conscious: We care about our community, and we recognize that we need to do our part. We support and collaborate with community service organizations seeking to make a positive impact on our world.


benefits problem solving
Challenging Problems To Solve
We love solving difficult problems. Using the latest in Topological Data Analytics we expand current understanding by creating novel applications to meet customer’s needs. Want to learn a new AI technique? We will support your professional growth.
benefits team environment
Team Environment
We offer a dynamic and collaborative culture. Together we tackle problems based on each person’s unique expertise. You are never spinning your wheels because help is only a message away.
benefits health & retirement
Health & Retirement Benefits
We provide benefits to help ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees. You will qualify for health care benefits and a generous 401k program plus the ability to telework as your schedule and customer projects allow.
benefits making a difference
Make A Difference
From our work to advance the socioeconomic impact of non-profits in our community to better serve their clients to reducing inventory and logistics costs on the environment, be part of company making a difference in our world.


We are continually adding a variety of positions to our team. Current open job descriptions can be found on our LinkedIn page.
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